Here are all the free (sorta…) concerts in Coney Island this summer

The seats at the new semi-outdoor Coney Island amphitheater, where semi-free concerts will be held this summer. via Facebook.
The seats at the new semi-outdoor Coney Island amphitheater, where semi-free concerts will be held this summer. via Facebook.

Coney Island has been home to free Seaside Summer Concert Series ever since former Borough President Marty Markowitz made it his pet project years ago. This year, with the opening of the brand-new Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk, the city’s first major beachside venue (which the Village Voice already called a $61 million logistical boondoggle) the concert series announced plans to relocate to the new 5,000-seat venue.

That apparently also means the shows aren’t quite as free as they used to be: Some of the shows are now a mix of paid/free tickets, so you’ll have to go down to Coney Island a few days before the shows like the Beach Boys and Kool & the Gang to get tickets to some shows instead of just walking up. It’s been, suffice it to say, a very mixed start for the new Live Nation backed theater. 

Here’s the schedule of free shows, and here’s how the tickets work: A limited number of tickets (it’s not clear how many) will be available to the public for all shows beginning at noon two days prior to each event at the Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk box office. Limit two tickets per person subject to availability. Tickets are distributed on a first-come first-served basis.

The Beach Boys: July 4, 7pm
Tickets available at boardwalk box office July 2 at noon. (Regular paid tickets run $15-$150)

Billy Ocean: July 21, 7:30pm
Tickets available one hour before to showtime at boardwalk box office.

Victor Manuelle: July 28 7:30pm
Tickets available one hour prior to showtime at boardwalk box office.

Kool & The Gang and more: Aug. 12 at 7pm
Tickets available at boardwalk box office Aug. 10 at noon. (Regular paid tickets run $25-$195)

AbbaThe Concert (a tribute to Abba): Aug. 15 at 7:30pm
Tickets available one hour prior to showtime at boardwalk box office.

Rick Springfield and more: Aug. 18 at 7pm
Tickets available at boardwalk box office Aug. 16 at noon. (Regular paid tickets run $15-$180)

See the rest of the lineup of paid concerts here. Oh yeah and now it’s officially called the Ford Amphitheater, because if there’s anything New Yorkers need more of, it’s cars.

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  1. Mike Lenowsky

    This is such bullshit. The New borough president..Eric Adams I believe is his name..he promised that the free concert series would return once the new venue was complete. He made sure to keep the series running at wingate field last summer..which was also started by Marty. This is such a travesty!! In one fell swoop he’s ending a great tradition that goes back around 30 years and which always had great attendance. What a shock..another politician not keeping his word. Whoever runs against him will definitely be getting my vote..and I’ll be sure to make it widely known how he didn’t keep his word when it’s finally time for reelection. He pales in comparison to Marty as being a real man for all of Brooklyn. Brokelyn should expose him for the phony he is!! I’ll bet his political career will be short. Marty was the biggest Brooklyn booster there ever was when it comes to Brooklyn politicians. Adams…he’s only for certain parts of Brooklyn..and for that he deserves to get the boot!!! Aside from that..I just got back from Coney Island and the New venue is awesome. It’s small..super intimate and any seat in the house is a great seat. I have tickets to a few shows and the lineup has gotten better. But still..I’m sure the borough president could have gotten sponsors to cover the bills and easily could have asked for a few dollars from each person coming to the shows rather than go back on his word. Damn this pisses me off. He isn’t even close to the tireless Brooklyn ex beep…who was always of the people, by the people and for all the people of Brooklyn…not just certain sections of our fine borough. Marty was the real deal when it came to Brooklyn and everything that stands for. Adams…I never hear of anything he does. Frankly, he should be impeached for this horrendous move. Not keeping your word should be grounds for dismissal. I’m just so disgusted with these fake politicians..especially when it comes to Brooklyn being I’m a native. Taking the free concerts away from Coney Island is also taking away much needed business for the area. It goes against every Brooklynite though cause there were many folks who went to the free shows who can’t afford expensive tickets for a night out. He clearly stated that the free shows would return once the venue was up..his feet should be held to the fire for his outright lie!!

  2. brian


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