Free booze alert: Therapy Wine Bar giving out free beer with any whiskey drink today

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This better be the pure stuff. (via flickr user Kirti Poddar)

You may have heard the recent news that Maker’s Mark decided to respond to their bourbon’s increased popularity by watering it down. Luckily, some very angry Facebook comments led the company to rethink this perversion, so they’re sticking with full 90 proof alcohol. And to celebrate, Therapy Wine Bar (364 Lewis Ave) in Bed Stuy will be giving away free beer with every whiskey purchase all day.

So if you’ve got the day off today (or if you’re looking to really enjoy your lunch hour) fete our presidents with a whiskey-and-beer combo or two (or seven), and start your work week off tomorrow with a hangover that’ll make you wish Maker’s Mark actually did take that alcohol content down a notch.

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