Free beer for metalheads at Bazillion Points Publishing’s fifth birthday

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If your only experience in life with death metal are the boys from Dethklok, you should be aware that there usually isn’t that much blood involved with it. If your only experience with Sweden is the nice and friendly version Brooklyn version on display there, you should know that there are some people there with some much different tastes than Peter Bjorn and John. You can learn more about both of these things at the Bazillion Points Publishing fifth anniversary next Tuesday. You can also learn about drinking free beer.

Brooklyn start-up Bazillion Points Publishing (the source for books on heavy metal and hard core punk), will be celebrating their fifth birthday July 30 at 7pm at the Brooklyn Rod + Gun Club (59 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg), and you’re invited! Get there early, and you can take advantage of the free beer. Late to the party? You can still get beer and whisky without breaking the bank, plus spicy boiled peanuts, something intriguingly named “Swedish nachos,” and publisher Ian Christe will be “grilling leeks and exotic meats!” Make sure you stay until 9:30pm and catch the bonus viewing of 1989’s Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat, (because all vampire flicks should be Bruce Campbell Westerns).

Not a seasoned hesher or hardcore kid? No problem, Bazillion promises a “festive atmosphere summoned with the social alchemy of librarians, death metal fans, bookstore believers, and literate punks.” Plus, you can educate yourself with the $5 book table. With Bazillion Points putting out books ranging from an AC/DC biography to a hardcore punk zine compendium to a heavy metal cookbook, you’re bound to find something that feeds the darkness in you, so RSVP now! They’re a cuddly bunch!

Five Years of Bazillion Points, Tuesday, June 30, 7pm, Brooklyn Rod + Gun Club, 59 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

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