The big savings at Freddy’s Garage Sale can help finally make you a music star

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Graduate from classroom instruments

We’ve listened to your EPs, we’ve heard you sing in the shower too damn early in the morning, we’ve seen your powerful karaoke renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody. You’ve got talent. We see a serious music career in your stars, but it looks like something’s missing. Where’s your equipment? Where are your lasers? Where’s your amp? Where’s your drum set? Where’s your box of old sci-fi magazines? Your music glory won’t happen if all you and your band have to show for yourselves a really cool name, a jug, and a dream. Fix that this weekend by fortifying your music inventory at Freddy’s Garage Sale, where you can take your entertainment game from Woodie Guthrie to Daft Punk without having to move back into your parents’ garage.

From 12:30pm-4:30pm on Saturday, Freddy’s will be selling instruments, amps, lights, music equipment, and random stuff that sounds like it could be incorporated nicely into your music videos. Included on their list is an electric guitars for $150, a projectors for $75, and speakers for $40.¬†They even have a Star Trek Urn for $15, which, if you know how much dying in Brooklyn costs these days, is a steal. Please just don’t forget about us when you’re so popular your shows make the traffic around the Barclay’s Center even worse.

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