Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

The Franklin Avenue bike lane is no place for you and your horse

Nah man, come on, this isn't a fucking western. Photos by Sam Corbin
Nah man, come on, this isn’t a fucking western. Photos by Sam Corbin

Hey, you there. On your horse. I have every respect for the equestrian arts, but you need to get out of the bike lane. I’ve seen you three times this week already, coming down Franklin Avenue in Bed-Stuy. That’s a narrow lane you’re taking up. Bikes are already fighting for legitimacy on the road.


Listen: horses don’t belong on the road, but they especially don’t belong in a 3-ft wide strip reserved for cyclists. Why? Because horses much less predictable than your average sedan. They don’t have rear-view mirrors, or the capacity to scoot over if I ring my bell/signal a lane change with my hand. They’re slower than the average cyclist at a canter, and you’ve got yours going at a leisurely trot. Most annoying of all, I have to swerve to avoid riding through horseshit in the bike lane.


I don’t understand why you haven’t been arrested yet, or how the stables in Prospect Park keep losing track of you. But do all of us two-wheeled commuters a favor, and get out of the goddamn bike lane.

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  1. shutup

    How obnoxious are you? So fucking what a guy on a horse is in the bike lane – it’s not YOUR bike lane. You’re just another out-of-town hypocrite who wants everything done their way. Do NYC a favor – go the fuck back to Canada where you belong. So sick of you and your bunch coming into this city and rewriting the rules because of you say so.

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