What did Twitter think of the Knicks/Nets game?

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Round One goes to Hov. via ESPN

So Round One of the Battle of New York went to the Nets last night. Befitting two teams that are now tied for first place, it was a hell of a battle, even stretching into overtime, which is fun to watch but hard on your wallet as you have to buy the obligatory “overtime beer” if you’re sitting watching at a bar. Of course, it also gives you more time to be funny on Twitter, which plenty of people watching were.

People took issue with the way the Nets celebrated

And how they do business

A Knicks fan offered a compromise

This joke will never not be funny to a certain generation of people

Honestly, given the state of the Mets, Queens would probably welcome this

For those of you who aren’t sports fans: factoids like this are standard in sports coverage

Frank Isola brought the pain and risked getting bit

Yes, which is why the city’s official motto was changed to “Fuggedaboutit”

And everybody clowned on Brook Lopez. Poor, 7-foot millionaire Brook Lopez…

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