Food trucks coming back to Barclays, this time with music

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Underground Horns sometimes play aboveground. via Facebook

We previously told you about the plans to have food trucks hang out in front of the LIBOR Barclays Center on a few Saturdays this summer. And true to their word, more food trucks are showing up this Saturday, June 6. Oh and, hey! There’s gonna be music this time. Can any of you out there dance and eat at the same time?

This Saturday, July 6, from 11am to 5pm, food trucks will once more be hanging out in the plaza in front of Barclays. As an added bonus, this time there’ll be music from Underground Horns between 1pm and 2pm. As for your food options, Kimchi Taco is returning, as is Coolhaus. They’ll be joined by Gorilla Cheese, Phil’s Steaks, Andy’s Italian Ices and Momos and Buns. No word yet on whether or not more food trucks will be traded for draft picks, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that were to happen.

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