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Hopefully no stadium pricing: Barclays hosting food trucks on Saturday

Finally, a decent reason to head to Barclays. via Facebook
Finally, a decent reason to head to Barclays. via Facebook

Here’s something frustrating: having to actually chase down food trucks, since they aren’t always in the same place. Of course, if they were, then they’d probably be called restaurants. Anyway, your chasing days will be over this summer, at least for one Saturday in June, July and September, when the Barclays Center lets a bunch of trucks park in their plaza for an afternoon.

According to a press release, Barclays is letting different Brooklyn food trucks hang out in its plaza this Saturday, June 1, from 11am to 5pm, and the first Saturdays in July and September (6 and 7, respectively). So you can finally head to Barclays without having to hear that really awkward “BROOOOKLYN” chant that sounds like a taunt but is really for the Nets. So confusing, guys. There will also be tables and chairs set out in the plaza so that you don’t have to eat standing up, which, let’s face it, feels awkward most of the time.

This Saturday, Kimchi Taco, Mamu Thai Noodle, Frites’N’Meats and Taim Mobile will be providing the meal, and the Treats Truck and Coolhaus will provide the desert. There’s no word on whether or not this is a permanent line up, just like a basketball rotation needs more than just six dudes, we say a good food truck rotation needs new blood to keep things fresh.

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