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Fly high with free wings from Bushwick’s The Rookery this weekend

Mmmm...wings... via Facebook
Mmmm…wings… via Facebook

Wings are the best bar food, there’s no argument. Sorry vegans, go chew on a stick or something. The only problem with wings, really, is that you have to pay for them. We know, right? What a bunch of bullshit. Fortunately, this weekend you can enjoy free wings on Saturday, starting at 4pm, courtesy of Bushwick’s The Rookery (425 Troutman Street). Wings? That are free? What a country!

You don’t have to do much more than show up and have a belly hankering for wings, just make sure you get there early, because it’s a “while supplies last” kinda party. Although we can’t imagine the bat making something like 15 wings and then having people fight over it. Only a monster would do something that sounds that funny.

Of course, because the MTA doesn’t care about your lust for chicken wings, the L train is totally screwed this weekend. If you don’t want to ride a shuttle bus, but you still want to travel for free wings, you can make your trip doubly free, thanks to the folks at Uber. The Rookery has teamed up with them to provide new users of the taxi app with a $20 credit on rides to Bushwick. Don’t worry though, early adopters, you don’t miss out either. If you’ve already got Uber, you can get 15% off your ride, with the promo code for both being TheRookeryNYC. So go, go forth and eat free wings until you explode!

[h/t Bedford + Bowery]

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