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Flip for joy: Circus school The Muse reopens this Sunday

Hang around a while
Hang around a while. via Facebook

Back in November we told you about how The Muse, the last place in Williamsburg where unironic strong man mustaches thrived, was being kicked out to make room for the new strongman in town, Vice Media. The circus training and performance venue has since piled into an amusingly tiny car and moved on to Bushwick, where they’re ready to show off their circus school and theater. This Sunday you can help them celebrate their successful Kickstarter and renovation with a day of free classes, performances, and floppy shoes at their grand opening. It’s like clown college without the crushing student loans!

The Muse’s new home at 350 Moffat St. includes a 6,000 square foot indoor space and a 3,000 square foot yard where you’ll hopefully have enough space to do somersaults without kicking anyone in the head. They’re still along the L though, so their struggles are certainly not over yet. Sunday’s festivities begin at 11am with a free open house and include acrobat and aerial skills training for all skill levels. Then at 8pm, the grand opening show kicks off, featuring acrobat flipping and fire swallowing. Tickets to the show are $10 in advance or $15 at the door and can be purchased here. We recommend saving up for tickets by riding your unicycle or very tiny bicycle there.

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