Five creative Brooklyn holiday gifts for the fun mom in your life

For all those moms who aren't like regular moms, they're cool moms! via Mean Girls screenshot
For all those moms who aren’t like regular moms, they’re cool moms! via Mean Girls screenshot

There are moms who are fun, but then there are “Fun Moms.” We’re talking about the mom who does picklebacks at the bar, curses more than you and would never be caught dead making any dessert featuring breakfast cereal. She wants to rock the latest trends (often all at the same time). These gifts from the unique vendors at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas, (open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 7pm) will satisfy her desire to be “down” without completely embarrassing you in front of the new significant other you brought home for the holidays.


Father Panik Brass Knuckle Brooklyn T-shirt

Brass Knuckle Brooklyn T-shirt, Father Panik

Your mom gets that Brooklyn is more than a borough. If she rocked brass knuckles back in New York’s “bad old days,” this T-shirt will let people know she means business. If she lives vicariously through your Instagrams of global cuisine, goofy subway graffiti and pop-up cat cafes, she can display her pride for her kid’s good taste in boroughs. Either way, this original design and high quality tee-shirt is far superior than whatever you would find in the now ever-present tourist shops.


Tabulae Eyewear - Heracles Brown Front.$79-99

Heracles Sunglasses, Tabulae Eyewear

Those bug-eyed grandma glasses are soooo first-term Michelle Obama. Mom knows it’s all about the light metal accents and wooden look. These sunglasses will keep her on trend, but also offer practical sun protection, because she’s still your mom. You have the option of choosing the polarized lenses with backside anti glare coating, and plenty of ultraviolet A and B protection. She’ll like them so much you’ll have to remind her it was never cool to wear sunglasses indoors.




What better way to show how much mom is “down” than by displaying the likeness of chart-topping rap and R&B superstar Drake right on her forehead? There is a very good chance of her catching major shade for her love for one of the softest rappers in the game, but it’ll make mom a standout among the other moms that are still rocking last year’s Adele album.



JT Woodworks, Vinyl Album Record Display

Vinyl is cool again! This is very convenient for the mom who already has a diverse collection of only the coolest Color Me Badd, Lipps Inc, and Herman’s Hermits albums. She can display how hipster she is — she was into David Bowie way before you kids — on this understated record display. If she wants to keep it current, she could always get a Drake album to lend credibility for rocking her new hat.



Delicate Geometric Hoop Earring, SunParkNYC

These earrings are for the mom who eschews pearls and anything with interchangeable charms. However you’re also trying to get her to stop wearing those hoop earrings with “QUEEN” in the middle. Let’s hope she’ll take the hint and swap the affirmation-heavy jewelry for these funky, non-cringeworthy, geometric hoops. They will satisfy her desire to be unconventional without being too extra.

Grab these gifts and more at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas, 70 North 7th St., Brooklyn, weekends from 10am–7pm.

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