Find some rebellious gifts at next weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair in Greenpoint

renegade craft fair
Get something nice for the people you love. Or at least tolerate. via Renegade Craft Fair

Summer is SO CLOSE right now, and suddenly you’re filled to the brim with wedding invitations, summer birthdays, party invitations, looking for party favors for your own party and freaking out about what to give your mom for Mother’s Day when there’s a chance you may be a week late. If you want to give gifts that are local, authentic and remind your family and friends that, yes, you really do live in Brooklyn, then next weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair is for you. There, you’ll find loads of independently-produced home accessories, so when you move this month or next month with everyone else in Brooklyn, you’re not limited to the Ikea catalog.

The fair is setting up shop at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar (165 Banker Street, Greenpoint) next Sunday, May 18, from 11am to 5pm. Looking at the list of 90+ “Makers” on the Renegade Craft Fair website, we’re confident you can find everything on your summer shopping  and wedding inventory list. It’s like an IRL Etsy shop except with boozy brunch, arcade games, mini-golf and a photobooth (Photobooth!!).

Once at the fair, you can find ceramics, recycled backpacks, unique hair accessories, organic skincare, tie-dyed fashions, designer home appliances, kitchen aprons, candles and those subway line posters you always say you’re going to get the next time you pass them by on the street. If none of these interest you, you’ll find something for that couple you know who’s getting married this summer or your mother. Sure you’ll be a week late for Mother’s Day, but at least you’ll have bought her a nice, handmade gift from Brooklyn. Moms love that.

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