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Adopt a feline friend, or sell your weird cat art, at Meow Day 2

meow day 2
Dawww. via Flickr user play4smee

Now that fall is on the horizon, things have gotten a little too quiet around your apartment but you aren’t quite ready for the drama of dealing with actual people. It might be time for an animal. Don’t lie, we know your browser history is filled with cute cat pics. Why fight it anymore? If you have ever so much as seen a kitten and felt your heart melt, check out Meow Day 2, a free cat adoption event on Oct. 26 between 12pm and 5pm hosted by the Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Ave).

Drop by Silent Barn between noon and 5pm for all the kittens you can handle. Fall in love with one of the many cats up for adoption and take her home, or just bask in the cuteness. Even if your roommate’s allergies prevent you from adopting a new friend, you can still support local cat rescue shelters by buying Meow Murch from cat-inspired artists who donate a portion of all proceeds to them. Don’t forget to stick around for the other cat themed activities like a cat t-shirt contest, Halloween costumes, and raffle prizes.

Do you have the perfect kitten craft that you would like to display? Meow Day is currently looking for creative cat enthusiasts and artists to work as Meow Merch Vendors. Send an email to Jackie at jackiep.du [AT] with the subject line “Meow Day” by October 8 if selling your art to cat lovers sounds like your thing.

What a purr-fect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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