Finally find out what Brooklyn is and 10 other free things to do this week

Brooklyn Brewery 10-tap open bar on Tuesday. Photo by taestell.

1. Get spooked by a ghost story, especially if you’re afraid of orphans, mysterious boxes, vengeance or East Texas. Each individually scares a staff writer here. (Monday)

2. Debate parties abound, if you still have it in you to yell at the screen even though they can’t hear you. (Monday)

3. Go to a rock and roll fundraiser that benefits a charity started by Paul Newman. Unless you want a ghost following you around saying “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” (Tuesday)

4. An hour-long open bar at Brooklyn Brewery will push your liver to the brink but will delight your taste buds. (Tuesday)

5. There’s a new comedy show at 61 Local called Back Fat. Which is promising, because back fat is the funniest kind of fat. (Tuesday)

6. An art exhibit that answers the question of “What is Brooklyn?” A week later, expect a competing exhibit claiming to have the real answer. (Wednesday)

7. The David Foster Wallace Appreciation Society holds its first meeting. Expect lots of long digressions, bandanas and footnotes. (Wednesday)

8. Combine words with beers and what do you get? In our case, things you have to apologize for the next day. In this case though, you get an excellent local reading series. (Wednesday)

9. The HallowMEME party brings the internet out of the tubes and into the tangible world. Hopefully it leaves a few things behind in the tubes. (Thursday)

10. Five Quarterly celebrates birthing another issue of its mathematically suspect publication. (Friday)

11. James Brown’s former bass player stops in at Freddy’s. Please please please go see him make it funky.

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