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Fear, for less: The Silent Barn is showing ‘The Babadook’ for just $5 tonight

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Hey, wanna know something that can warm you up? The pure fear that comes from seeing a really frightening movie. Forget all that “blood chilling” stuff, if you see the kind of scary movie that gets your heart pounding and blood flowing fast, you’ll be plenty warm. It’s just science. Tonight you can get just the kind of scare to warm you up, because The Silent Barn is showing The Babadook for the not-so-scary price of five dollars.

If you haven’t seen The Babadook yet, you’ve got a chance to see one of 2014’s scariest movies, the story of a mother on edge and her already haunted son who get haunted by a creature feeding on their fear at tonight’s 8pm screening. If you have seen it already, bring a friend who hasn’t and who scares easy, so that you can torture them by whispering “Baba dook dook dook” in their ear after the movie, or calling them and whispering it into their phone.

If you manage to survive the movie without a fear-based nervous breakdown, you can even stick around for music from New Firmament, Matt Nelson and Dog Man. While enjoying the music though, just remember to watch the shadows for a top hat-clad creature waiting to take over your mind the moment you let your guard down.

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