3 Brooklyn fashion mavens on what to buy the fashionista in your life

Your fashionista friend loves selfies, so surely she'd be head over heels for a selfie pillow from
Your fashionista friend loves selfies, so surely she’d be head over heels for a selfie pillow from Aelfie

Sometimes the most fashionable people are the hardest to shop for. What do you get the girl that’s always on top of the latest trends, snagging the best accessories quicker than you can say, “sample sale”? Fear not, ensembly-challenged. Here are three fashion experts on what to get the sartorially savvy person in your life.

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Emily Theobald — Fashion Director at Golly Magazine

Fort Standard Crest Bottle opener – $60
Fort Standard makes some really awesome home design stuff. I love these bottle openers, which come in a variety of styles. They almost look like art. Hang it on the wall of your kitchen when not in use, something you don’t want to just stash away in the junk drawer! Also a super ambiguous gift, easy pickin’ for any friend of family member.


Aelfie Saelfie pillow – $49.50
Aelfie makes some really awesome rugs, as well as dealing in vintage Moroccan rugs and other amazing weavings. She recently launched a bedding collection and her pillows are great. All have some really cool pops of color and fun designs. Like an piece of art work for your sofa.

Shabd Magic natural dye jar– $75
Nearly all of Shabd’s products make great gifts, but this year she came out with this instant do-it-yourself scarf dying jar that really tops the charts. There are a few color mixtures to choose from, but each one will come out completely different and unique! Giving the gift of creativity to your loved ones bring good karma, or so I hear.

Make your own necklace at Brooklyn Charm – prices range depending on what you make, could be as little as $10
This place has so much to choose from its ridiculous. You will end up leaving this place with gifts for all your lady friends. You can find everything you need here to make a variety of jewelry that you can assemble yourself, or have the fine staff do it for you on the spot.

Vivian Maier: Street Photographer book – $39.95
If you have not heard of Ms. Maier yet, you need to get yourself to The Strand and take a look through this woman’s photos. A nanny who toted around a camera along with the kids she cared for, documented amazing moments on the  streets of New York City and Chicago. She took some seriously affluent photos depicting day to day life in the 50s and 60s, and they all weren’t even discovered until 2007! Essentially one of the first street photographers. This book would make a great gift for anyone who loves film photography.

Brooklyn Beach Hair – $25
This styling spray is great for many hair types and smells like a dream to boot! It doesn’t leave stick residue in your hair, and it’s made of things you have actually heard of! I like the irony of the name as well, and just cause we babes live in Brooklyn doesn’t mean we can’t look perfectly beachy all winter long.

Catbird Little Secret Stud – $16
I think most ladies round these parts covet something or another from Catbird. But for a girl like me who hardly has a budget for ramen, let alone pretty jewels from fancy places, they carry some affordable stuff that will get you millions of compliments. These cute little studs will only set you back $16 and have that elevated minimal look that will make people think you spent a whole lot more.


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Hannah Richtman fashion blogger at The Fashion Hash, co-founder of The Break Vintage, the virtual lovechild of exclusive and affordable.
Sorelle Pheobe Hoop Earrings – $100
I adore this up-and-coming jewelry line. Sorelle gets it right with its classic-meets-badass aesthetic and utter wearability. These are morning, noon and night type hoops.


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Fighting Stance Print – $35
I want to see this print by Brooklyn-based artist Dan-ah Kim every morning after I step out of the shower. Then I’ll wipe the mirror, take a good look at myself and proclaim “IT’S GO TIME” for all of Bed-Stuy to hear.

Blood and Tears the McCarren Sunglasses in Navy Blue – $199
Monocle Order’s in-house collection ‘Blood & Tears’ is hand-crafted, limited edition, and named after some major BK hotspots. My vibes for 2015 consist of high-quality hues of blue and yours probably should, too.

Apotheke Soy Candle – $30
A delightful soy candle is third on my list of in-home priorities, following good cheese and chardonnay (also strong gift ideas).

The Gleener – $19.95
Vintage is cute, pills are not. Every good thrifter will appreciate this fuzz remover. Long live 90’s angora.

Cookies Every Night – $180
Cookies every night for 3 months? COOKIES EVERY NIGHT FOR THREE MONTHS.


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Hannah Miles —  fashion blogger at M/LES, photographer (@websitemiles), stylist and designer originally from London, England

Tracy Tanner Gold Crackle Pouch, Medium – $45
Every girl needs a little make-up pouch in their bag and this gold crackle pouch is the perfect addition to any stylish women’s handbag. The perfect gift for your sister, friend, mother in-law, or anyone you know with a bit of style and sass.

Tarot Deck Candle – $32
Stuck for what to get your boss who has everything? A beautiful smelling candle is always a winner, she can place it on top of her classic vogue edition on her coffee table in her Brownstone on the Upper West Side.

2015 Moon Calendar – $18
I definitely want to know in advance when my friends are going to be acting up on weird moon energy in 2015. Be prepared with this hand printed, silk screen 2015 moon Calendar from Rendij shoppable on Etsy.

Mary Meyer Tiny Box – $18
For all her little bits and pieces she leaves everywhere around the apartment.

Palmistry Triangle Ring – $60
Because a girl can never have too many rings.


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Mast Brothers Chocolate – $45 for a set of 5 bars
If you are going to buy that sweet toothed someone some chocolate this Christmas, Mast Brothers is the way to do it. Adored by men and women this is something sweet and special for anyone appreciative of excellent chocolate and great company branding. Go for the Artisian collection is for the more adventurous chocolatier.

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