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Fashion rescue: where to get ruffles for Purple Rain?

picture-380Tonight, of course, is the Purple Rain sing-along in Prospect Park (barring too much actual rain—we’ll be on the lookout for cancellation notices.) Watch a screening of Prince’s 25-year-old (gasp!) movie—rated R, parents—and join in the massive crowd-sourced karaoke led by the live-disco orchestra Escort.

While you could wear your Prospect Park usual (cargoes, vintage T, weird sneakers), what’s the fun in that? The dress code specifies something “lacey and ruffled.” So inspired by our good friend Dori who has absolutely nothing purple and ruffly to wear tonight, we’re officially putting out the call to our thrifty fashion peeps to help our tuxedo-shirt-challenged pal find something festive for the show. And we know you can help, Brokesters. The sing-along starts with a warmup set by Escort at 7:30; doors open at 6:30. $3 suggested donation, at the Bandshell.


  1. Betony

    I would hit up the hoochie shops in the Fulton Street Mall for ruffled halters or stretch lace. Or, you could raid the blouse section at the nearest Salvation Army. Sad that lace ascots are so hard to come by these days!

  2. 10 Ft. Single/Stella Dallas, the vintage store on Meeker and n. 6th street in Williamsburg has tons of ruffly, lacy shirt items that will surely make you look Prince-esque. Shirts usually run from $15-20. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a purple velvet suit as well.

  3. This came in from Maya Valladares via email:

    If you have more time than money: Beacon’s Closet (the one in Williamsburg is better, but Park Slope might work)
    If you have more money than time: Flirt (Park Slope)
    If you have neither: M&J Trimming, 6th ave. between 37th/38th streets in Manhattan. Get a pretty piece of lace twice as long as, and the same color as, the bottom edge of a pretty silk shirt you own. Take a bunch of small safety pins (CVS, or Steinlauf & Stoller down the street on 40th, between 7th & 8th aves) and pin one inch of lace to every 1/2 inch of your shirt edge. Make sure the shirt covers the lace by 1 inch so the lace edge doesn’t show. This pinning can be done on the subway. This also works for the neckline of the shirt, like a ruffle. This sounds like it takes a lot of time, but since you are working with something you already own it actually takes less, because you know exactly what you are looking for when you walk into the store.

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