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Fangs a million for the free Halloween costume!

Halloween is coming up and it turns out putting together that really elaborate Lady Gaga-As-Kanye-West in a Where the Wild Things Are furry costume is going to be more expensive than you thought.

Never fear (well, fear a little bit if that really is your costume idea): the good folks who organized last spring’s totally awesome, totally schwaglicious free swap meet on the Gowanus Canal are gearing up for a duo of new swaps for the holiday season, starting with a Halloween costume swap the week before All Hallow’s Eve. Yes, it’s a little early, but this is the year we’re not going to be cobbling together a costume at 4 o’clock the day of.

The Score! of Doom will be at the Trophy Bar (351 Broadway) on Oct. 24, from 2 to 6 p.m. Unlike the spring swap at BKLYN Yard, there’s a $10 cover (RSVP mandatory) for this one, something one of the organizers, Jenny Gottstein of MeanRed Productions, says is needed to help cover the venue costs (they were able to donate space at the Yard in the spring since they also manage it).

But the cover includes a free “specialty drink” and there’s the promise of other creepy themed drinks (plus … beer and shot specials, anyone?). They’re settng up three categories of swapping: full costumes; costume pieces (wigs, props, spandex); and makeup.

The way these swaps work is, you bring whatever junk you want to get rid of and have free reign to pick through the stuff other people brought. People at the spring event walked away with an impressive amount of goodies: from brand-new clothes, books and music to computer parts, furniture and art prints (this author snagged a deliciously triple-ironic, never-worn Busted Tee with the words “I bought this shirt at a thrift store” on it). In short, it could be a DIY costumer’s dream.

Then, on Nov. 21, another Score! is scheduled for 3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave.) with broader, just-about-anything-goes categories of goods. That’s the place you should go to scour through mountains of the flotsam and jetsam of Brooklyn to find that super obscure 80s New Wave box set or fancy cocktail glass ensemble that will make your loved ones think you dropped some serious cash on them for their holiday presents.

(And if you did decide on that Kanye costume, we found a guide on how to go about it. Just don’t interrupt anyone¬†else’s costume in the process.)

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