BK hospitals offer cheap rooms for visiting families

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Spend a holiday with grandma, without spending too much.

As we get hyped up for the holidays and seasonal family plans, it is easy to forget that many people will spend their Thanksgivings, Christmases and Hanukkahs in a hospital receiving treatment. That’s hardly a feel-good reminder, but for people who must be in the hospital, it’s often the little things that help. Via a reader tip (thanks Donald!), we found out New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn offers accommodations for the families of patients on site for a crazy cheap $50 a night. They’re not the only hospital with that kind of deal either.

NY Methodist has 10 rooms of mixed singles and doubles for just $50 a night, enabling families who might be visiting from out of town or unexpectedly because of an illness to be close to their loved ones while also saving some money.

Beth Israel (Brooklyn) also has an option for patient’s families: they have apartments right across the street from the Beth Israel facilities. Though more expensive, with studios for $100 a night, one bedroom for $125, and two bedrooms for $150, it is still far cheaper than a last-minute reservation at a nearby hotel. Your family member’s doctor gives you a special link where you can set up your stay at the apartments.

These were the only two we could find on Brooklyn hospitals’ websites and in conversation with their staff, but we know sometimes the best deals are kept quiet. If you know of any cheap stays, such as short-term apartments or hospitality suites for families of patients, share them! Your small tidbit of info could save someone already in a stressful situation a lot of worry, as well as money.

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