Enter a Funhouse, and 8 other free ideas this week

We're sure that clown has that axe for a really good reason
We’re sure that clown has that axe for a really good reason

1. Brooklyn Bowl takes you back in time to the days when Bruce Springsteen was young, strong, hairy and cared about Bangladesh. Plus, free bowling! (Tuesday)

2. It’s Tuesday, it’s the day after Labor Day. May as well dance it up at the 739 Bar to distract yourself from these facts (Tuesday)

3. Spend an evening watching The Awl’s Choire Sicha ask author Ben Dolnick…things, we’re not quite sure about what, at Greenlight Books. If you see us there, say hi (Tuesday)

4. Wednesday is Hump Day, but don’t let that be the funniest part of the day. Let Best Friends Improv be that (Wednesday)

5. Does your fear of being surrounded by death help or hurt your trivia ability? Only one way to find out: by playing in Pine Box Rock Shop’s trivia night (Wednesday)

6. D.T. Max, biographer of David Foster Wallace and Blake Bailey, biographer of Charles Jackson, sit down to talk about how great it is to write biographies (Thursday)

7. Musician, author and all-around funny person Dave Hill brings his band to BookCourt to talk about his his new book about making terrible decisions, and to play some music (Friday)

8. On the one hand, it’s a free screening of sad-boy movie¬†The Wackness. On the other hand, it’s followed by a DANCE PARTY. Everyone loves dancing, except for the Puritans (Friday)

9. Or check out a movie that will inspire nightmares, not dancing, as Videology screens The Funhouse. But with a name like that, how could it possibly be scary? (Friday)

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