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Endless Summer taco truck’s owners opened a Bed-Stuy sandwich shop

endless summer sandwich shop
Mmmmm…summery. via Facebook

Hi there and welcome back from Thanksgiving. Now that you ate all the food and spent a weekend getting stuffed, surely you’ve had enough to eat, right? Hah, of course not, because it feels like there’s great places to eat opening every day around here. For instance, the owners of the Endless Summer taco truck just opened Endless Summer sandwich shop in Bed-Stuy. Do you have room in your stomach for sandwiches? Of course you do!

The opening comes via DNA Info, who got a look at the restaurant and talked to owner Teddy Roland, who told the site he was happy to branch out with the food truck scene in Williamsburg becoming saturated. So while the taco truck itself is renovated and still serving up tacos, the Bed-Stuy sandwich shop (at 535 DeKalb Avenue) will be moving away from Mexican and tacos, despite the argument that a taco is a sandwich.

Sandwich arguments aside, Endless Summer sandwich shop’s Facebook page has plenty of pictures of delicious-looking sandwiches, like the fried chicken sandwich above, as well as a smoked whitefish, a BBQ squash and an eggplant and broccoli rabe. The sandwich shop will be serving up seasonal sandwiches, with Roland saying that he’s also looking to bottle homemade hot sauces and condiments. So, what the hell, for Christmas, ask for some new jeans that are a couple sizes bigger than the ones you have now. You’re gonna need them.

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