Email subscribers: Win two VIP passes to the Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival

brooklyn beer and wine festival
Look at all the fun they had last year. And you’ll have even more fun because you’ll be there for free! via Facebook

Hey, remember the Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival, that $20 extravaganza of beer and wine going down in Bed-Stuy on Saturday? Of course you do, you’re a hopeless lush, just like us. It sounds great, but maybe you don’t have $20. Good news then, because if you’re subscribed to our weekly email, you can win two VIP passes that get you unlimited drinks during Saturday’s festivities. You’re in for a rough Sunday if you win.

To recap quickly: The Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival is a celebration of local brewers and local wineries going down at Restoration Plaza this Saturday, August 16, from 1pm to 8pm. While you’re there, you can enjoy beers from the likes of Kelo, Barrier Brewing among others and wine from Brooklyn Winery and other fine fancy drinking options. There’s also music by DJ CEO and art showing off Brooklyn hip-hop legends, so a good time will be had by all, but especially by you, because you’ll be a VIP.

The value of these pair of VIP unlimited drinks tickets? Priceless! That’s because you can’t even buy one for yourself if you decided to try to be fancy. So you’ll be the only one at the festival who’s a VIP. Try not to rub it in, but if anyone asks how it happened, you just tell them that it’s because you’re signed up for the weekly Brokelyn email that not only comes with great prizes but also gets you caught up with the week’s best news and the coolest things to do all weekend. We’ll let the winner of the contest know by 11am Friday, but if it isn’t you, don’t fret: The email will also come with a special subscriber-only promo code that gets you five bucks off the ticket price. You’ll only know the code if you subscribe, so sign up now and clear your Saturday for some awesome alcohol.

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