Eat wings with us, and 11 other ways to spend the weekend

Nice hat
Nice hat

1. Start your St. Patrick’s Day weekend off early by drinking until you’re an emotional wreck, at The Charleston. Or as we like to call it “Friday” (Friday)

2. Get a double dose of Kurt Russell at Videology, courtesy of 2 Tickets to the Gun Show (Friday)

3. The Brick Theatre gets into bracketology with Improv Madness (Friday)

4. What have the living dead taught us, besides how to differentiate moans you want to hear from moans that terrify you? (Saturday)

5. Come eat wings with us! (Saturday)

6. Or eat some tempeh to benefit Brooklyn’s Cargo Bike Collective (Saturday)

7. The Gowanus Nite Market has moved from Film Biz recycling, but you can rest assured the shopping at the new location will still be sexy (Saturday)

8. Competitive erotic fan fiction: because shame is dead (Saturday)

9.¬†LaunchPad hosts a combination pop-up bookstore/wine bar. It’s like we’ve died and gone to heaven, minus the inevitable violent death part (Saturday and Sunday)

10. It’s officially St. Patrick’s Day! Consult our handy guide for the best ways to drink yourself green (Sunday)

11. Presentation Party Night teaches you about the Gettysburg Address and exorcism. Both will come in handy when two audience members are suddenly possessed by Abe Lincoln and Jefferson Davis (Sunday)

12. The man that made Kool Aid say “Ohh Yea,” Brooklyn’s own, Talib Kweli (Sunday)

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