Dumbo’s Watchtower sign joins Kentile Floors in iconic Brooklyn sign heaven

The Watchtower sign, Brooklyn’s very tall, very red, very quiet guard dog, eternally situated atop the Jehovah’s Witness fortress just across the Brooklyn Bridge, has been taken down from its perch. RIP.

The iconic sign had sat silently on top of 30 Columbia St. for more than 50 years until yesterday, when the 15-foot-tall letters, weighing up to 860 pounds each, were dismantled, the Post reported (they’ve also got video). The Witnesses will keep the letters, according to the Post, and the building’s new tenant will eventually install their own signage.

Maybe the Watchtower letters and the Kentile Floor letters can have a playdate sometime, or combine to create TENTACLE TOWER SHOOK IRL.

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