What $752.3 million dollars could have bought us

He’s thinking about all the abortions he could have bought. via MotherJones

Like the post-mortem that happens every year the Yankees don’t win the World Series, it’s always fun to look at the staggering amount of money spent on a failed campaign. Well, maybe not fun, since Mitt Romney and the Republican Party spent $752.3 million dollars on what amounted to a concession speech. We get it though, elections are expensive: you need to shell out the big bucks for yard signs, buttons, dog whistle racism and a good ground game. Still, what else could that ungodly amount of money been spent on?

-242,310 courtside seat tickets ($3,104 each, with fees) for the Nets/Knicks game on December 11

-334,355,555 Metrocard swipes

-75,230,000 tickets to see Argo at the Cobble Hill Theatre

-107,471,428 Rodenbach Grand Cru beers ($7 with tip) at last night’s Mission Dolores Sandy fundraiser

-752,300,000 dollar slices

-471,661 last minute South by Southwest Platinum badges

-1,253,833 RU-486 pills or early term abortions at Early Options

-34,195,454 Big Bird “Get into the Swing” t-shirts

-150,460,000 copies of Those of Us Still Alive, Tiny Victories’ debut EP

-9,916,952 DVD sets of Bored to Death‘s three seasons

-214 Lena Dunham book advances ($3.5 million each)

-188,075,000 shot and beer specials ($4 with tip) at the Gotham City Lounge

-0 Barclays Centers. That thing cost a billion freaking dollars

-25,076,666 tickets to Pretty Good Friends’ Sandy benefit at The Bell House

-9,959 Brooklyn Law School educations

-806,785 Briggs and Stratton 7500 watt 342cc gas generators (with wheel kit) for people still without power

-1,795,722 pallets of bottled water for people still without water

-65,474,325 fleece blankets for people in shelters


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