Abortions in BK: where and how much

With reproductive rights in the news this week, we decided to take a look at abortions in Brooklyn — namely where they’re offered, how much they cost, and what online reviewers have said about the borough’s providers. It’s not our usual light fare here on Brokelyn, but we hope those who need this information will find it useful if and when. The following was culled from online sources, clinic calls and, in some cases, site visits. As always, if you have more to add, such as reviews of the clinics mentioned as well as those we missed, please pipe up in the comments. 

A big question for many patients is insurance; about two-thirds of private insurers cover abortion, according to the National Abortion Federation. New York State is also one of 15 states where Medicaid covers the procedure. Those not currently on Medicaid but earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines ($21,660 for a single woman) can apply for Emergency Medicaid to cover the procedure, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Several of the clinics below can help patients apply.

There are three forms of pregnancy termination offered in the clinics below, not all available at each one. They are RU 486 (the abortion pill), vacuum aspiration (for pregnancies up to 12 weeks, generally) and D&E (for more advanced pregnancies). Click here for more information on RU 486 and here for more detailed information on the surgical procedures.


Planned Parenthood NYC / Women’s Health Center
44 Court St., 6th Floor, (212) 965-7000
RU486 (up to 9 weeks) $535
Aspiration: (up to 12 weeks) $450 and up
D&E (available for later term pregnancies, but price not quoted on the phone)
Most insurance accepted, including Medicaid.
This is a very busy facility. I visited in person twice (after the phone kept ringing out when I called) before I was able to have my questions answered. The nurse I spoke to was very knowledgeable and friendly, and outlined not only the procedures and costs, but also explained the emergency Medicaid forms to me. The waiting room was clean and tidy. Visitors are required to go through a metal detector walking into the building, which can be daunting.
Monday 8-4;30, Tuesday 8-4:30, Wednesday 8-4:30, Thursday 8-6:30, Friday 8-4:30, Saturday 8-4, Sunday closed
Appointments required.

Early Options
188 Montague Street, Brooklyn, (718) 638-4094
RU486 (up to nine weeks) or aspiration (up to 10 weeks): $1,200
They provide a claim form for insurance, but do not accept insurance or Medicaid
This seems to be the most expensive option, but there are more than 500 reviews online, most of them raving about the quality of care and the professionalism of all the staff, especially the doctors. They picked up their phone right away and talked to me about all the different termination options available, and what each entails. Their website is informative and easy to navigate, and there is apparently “no wait at all” for any service. Whether this is true for all times or not, most of the reviewers give the clinic five stars, with one reviewer calling it “the most positive experience possible in such a difficult situation.”
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Hours vary but generally 9-5.
Appointments required. 

Brooklyn Women’s Services
6721 Avenue U, (718) 531-6969
RU486 (up to 8 weeks) $425
Aspiration (up to 11 weeks) $425
D&E (up to 21 weeks) Price varies
Accepts Medicaid only
Friendly and helpful receptionist/nurse answered all my questions quickly. Clinic has 14 doctors available for appointments, but reviews online are mixed, some praising the “competent and caring” doctors and others bemoaning their “poor bedside manner.”
Monday 5pm-7pm, Tuesday 10am-2pm, Wednesday closed, Thursday 5pm-7pm, Friday 10am-2pm, Saturday 3pm-5pm, Sunday closed
Appointments required

Brooklyn GYN Place X

Suite 4CF, 142 Joralemon St. (718) 624-0604
RU486 (up to 51/2 weeks) $475
Aspiration (up to 12 weeks) $350
Basic Medicaid is accepted, emergency Medicaid is not. Some insurances accepted.
No reviews online. Nurse on the phone seemed busy and curt, but answered all my questions sufficiently.
Abortion procedures are only scheduled for Tuesdays at 3pm and Saturdays at 12.15pm
Appointments required.

Best Women’s Medical Care/The Woman’s Choice
14 Dekalb Ave. 2nd floor, (718) 875-4848
RU486 (up to 8 weeks) $350
Aspiration (up to 12 weeks) $400. Past 10 weeks, prices vary depending upon length of pregnancy
Takes most insurance and Medicaid
This clinic is the cheapest option, but there are some pretty terrible reviews online. Many clients complained of mistreatment and unprofessional behavior, even some saying they were “yelled at.” While a few reviews called the service “quick and no fuss,” there were very few words of praise for the staff at all.
Monday 9-5:30, Tuesday 9–4:45, Wednesday 9-5:30, Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-3:45, Saturday 9-2,  Sunday closed

Ob/Gyn Pavilion at the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Brooklyn
313 43rd St. (718) 369-1900
RU486 (5-7 weeks) $525
Aspiration (under 12 weeks) $420
D&E (13 to 24 weeks) $420
Accepts most insurance, onsite Medicaid registration services.
Very few online reviews, but one wrote that “the facility was clean and the procedure was fast.” The nurse on the phone was businesslike and polite. I was put on hold for over 15 minutes at one point, where a peppy woman on the recorded message tried to sell me endoscopy and breast augmentation.
Open 8am-1pm Tuesday to Saturday. Some walk-ins available but appointments are preferred.

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  1. Great post! Very respectful and compassionate.

    No one WANTS to get an abortion, as much as a bear caught in a trap doesn’t want to gnaw its leg off. I’m glad it’s still safe and legal so that women no longer have to risk killing themselves the way Gerri Santoro did.

  2. Hi! I want to note two things: It’s the National Abortion Federation, not Foundation. Also, the New York Abortion Access Fund ( is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to low-income women in New York State who cannot afford to pay for an abortion. 

    Thanks again for this post.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for this. I will refer all the women I know to it.

    I 3rd Mos Stef at the top. It’s a hard hard experience to go through, having this information at hand can at least take away the stress of not knowing anything about the abortion providers.

  4. Rachel Eve Stein

    FACT: 43% of women will have an abortion before they turn 45. There’s nothing uncommon or shameful about the procedure. Thank you Alison for helping women make safe choices.

  5. Tara E Sweeney

    Awesome post, important info, thanks for posting. The Book of Choices ( lists a few other sites in Brooklyn:, and similar resources in other five boroughs and throughout the rest of New York. 

    Thanks again for posting!

  6. Isn’t the reason why there aren’t a lot of lists posted because it is kept under wraps for for the office’s anonymity and security? I’ve never heard of a person not being able to find a place to get an abortion in nyc. I’m not trying to be sassy, but just wondering…I’ve been for a well visit at PP, and they aren’t listed on the boards in the lobby for a reason. That’s just my understanding. I think it’s great info. I just wonder if there are certain safety reasons why this info isn’t blared all over the place…

    • singoutlouise

      Do you think this is to stop protesters? I wrote this article mainly because i thought it would be a good resource to list where the clinics are, how much they cost and which ones are best, because there is too much mystery and shame surrounding such a common procedure. I understand that it’s an emotional issue for some people, but it needs to be brought into the light.

  7. I escort at the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Brooklyn through Brooklyn Pro Choice Network. It’s a good facility and we’re there Saturday mornings to make sure patients aren’t harassed by the protesters at the door. Yes, there are protestors in New York City.

    • Maxi17

      I am a single, 45 year-old woman with three kids who found myself pregnant after failed birth control a few months ago. Yes, 45…  I was one of the crowd who went to the Ambulatory Surgery Center to spend a Saturday. The wait is long, especially when you’ve never experienced something like this before and have no clue what’s happening, but the people are nice, not judgmental, and the doctor even joked about my age. It was as positive of an experience as it could have been.

  8. DepecheFan89

    Regarding The Woman’s Choice location – I went there for RU486 [they refuse to accept Debit cards, btw] and everything started off just fine until I asked if it was alright to have my follow up appointment elsewhere [had to be in a different city]. After I asked that, the doctor first said that would be ok, but left the room and returned suddenly telling me that I may have an ectopic pregnacy [which is bullshit cause when looking at the ultrasound I asked her where to look and she directed me, no problem]. I was referred to Methodist hospital [if you cant tell by the name, they do not provide abortions] and told to return to The Women’s Choice in 2 days. I did exactly that and guess what. That doctor who told me to come back WASNT EVEN THERE. She took the holiday off and didnt bother to tell me that when she sent me off to the hospital. In the end, I got RU486 in the other city and thankfully had such a positive, pain free, easy experience.

  9. Just an update here… Early Options no longer provides services at their Brooklyn location. They are still operating in Manhattan, however, the cost is now $1200.

  10. Lisel

    Thinking about an abortion is the hardest thing I ever had to think about. I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I don’t have any children. The man I’m pregnant for has a son already and he want a lil girl. I told him that I wasn’t ready we were careful but still I ended up pregnant. I’m scared to death, because I’m in a lot of pain constantly, I can’t eat. I’m always throwing up. I feel like I’m dying I want my baby but can’t bare the pain of keeping it. I feel like a horrible person. Some people don’t understand the torment some women have to go through. My boyfriend told me if I have an abortion he is going to leave me, but since I got pregnant I don’t really see him. I love this man so much and he said he loves me. Why can’t he be supportive of me. I’m depressed and heart broken. Don’t know what to do.

    • Alison Pels

      I’m sorry you are going through this lisel, but if you aren’t ready then you shouldn’t have a baby, especially with someone so unsupportive.
      Call any of the numbers listed in this article and get advice from a professional.
      While it’s true that an abortion shouldn’t be taken lightly, there’s also no shame in it. I’ve had one, many of my friends have needed one too. If you’re not ready to have a baby then you have options. Look after yourself first.

    • Sadly, this comment comes years later. I hope that you were able to find support and make the choice that was best for you. There is no shame in having an abortion. Approximately 1 in 3 women have an abortion in their lifetime. While few people talk about it, it is highly likely that others you know have had abortions as well.

  11. Just came across this when looking for repro rights stuff. What a great article. Thank you!! Perhaps it could be updated sometime? I would love to share this as a resource to help people find safe access to the medical care they need.

  12. Some people do need it so its good have a safe place because you never know when you ll have unexpected health problems or assaulted you dont want any rapists seed no way. Have to have options.

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