Drink, run, drink some more and 12 other things to do this weekend

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Show us in the rules where it says an anthropomorphic cup CAN’T run a 10K. Via That’s What She Said.

1. Animal Collective closes out the Williamsburg waterfront concert season. As our own Conal Darcy once remarked, “Hey, this Animal Collective is pretty good!” (Friday) UPDATE: WHOOPS, so much for that.

2. Indie rocker Indians made a movie about trying to find Indian food in New York. Must have been really difficult. (Friday)

3. Your doctor’s been telling you to get more fiber in your diet, so why not go to a festival celebrating it? Oh. Different kind of fiber. It still sounds fun, so go, just don’t eat any of it. (Saturday)

4. This craft brew festival will give some much-needed positive attention to beer. (Saturday)

5. The flyer for Sleepless in Brooklyn (featuring passive-aggressive site crush Amy Sohn) claims to be “storytelling for parents, by parents” but we don’t know if they mean that or if the child-less can show up. (Saturday)

6. Sure a record fair doesn’t have a ferris wheel, but you could meet a fellow vinyl nerd and fall in love. Or at least get a winter relationship. And wouldn’t that be sweet? (Saturday)

7. New comedy show Comedy Keepers listed their performers in alphabetical order, so at the very least, they’re organized. (Saturday)

8. Drink too much at the bkgirlproblems party and you might end up with the problem of trying to find some Plan B. But at least you’ll have had sex! (Saturday)

9. Do a 10K. We will. The K stands for “kegstands,” yeah? (Sunday)

10. Rocktoberfest! It’s got Brooklyn Brewery beers, Meat Hook sausages, punk rock banjo and … ghost bottles? We’ll admit we don’t get that last one. (Sunday)

10. Now that the media narrative is Obama got his ass handed to him at the debate, he really needs your money, and you need to eat sweets to feel better. Good timing, fundraiser people. (Sunday)

12. Talk about and meditate on freedom. Not the weird Tea Party kind, the kind that actually requires some deep thinking. (Sunday)

13. Visit the Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Winery and New York Distillery in one afternoon, then try to walk a straight line. (Sunday)

14. A festival celebrating apples and all they’ve done for you. Like providing amazing health insurance. (Sunday)

15. We’ve got a recession, we’ve got drought and we’ve even got a modern-day Charles Coughlin. So why wouldn’t you see a Woody Guthrie tribute show? (Sunday)

Listings pulled from the Brokelyn events calendar. Add your events today!

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