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Drink beer and eat burritos in Bed-Stuy for charity Saturday

bedstuy-beer works-jar
Give a can, get a jar this weekend. Seems like a good deal to us. via Facebook

Beer is great. Burritos are great. Brooklynites are charitable folks with great hearts. Why not combine them for the good of all?

Bed Stuy Beer Works (408 Willoughby Avenue), a wholesale and craft beer center open to the public in Bed Stuy, is partnering with City Harvest this weekend to launch the first in what is hoped to be a monthly beer tasting, burrito eating and food donating fest appropriately titled “BEER + BURRITOS = LOVE,” this Saturday from 6pm to 10pm.

The event will include free 2 oz. tastings of Day of the Dead beer (6pm to 7pm), a Mexican brewed craft ale produced at Cerveceria Mexicana in Tecate, Mexico served in Beer Works’ mason jars (pictured above) that you get to keep after the fest. Once the tasting hour is up, boozehounds can refill their jars with any beer for $4 at the growler station, which offers up a handful of delicious and mostly local craft brews.

The can collection–this is a City Harvest food drive too, remember?–will be accepting donations until January 15, but Beer Works wants to fill up their truck (which holds an equivalent of about 500 cases of beer, you do the math) on Saturday, so they can continue having awesome events in the future!

Burritos from the B’klyn Burro mobile unit will be available outside the store, not for free, but a fun bonus for those who like burritos with their beer and are willing to cough up SOME dough for this event. The generosity goes both ways and the more folks that show up the better, so grab that second can of peas you bought at C-Town’s last 2-for-1 sale and put it toward helping others. And beer.


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