Dream up your new business with the Brooklyn Business Name Generator

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Somehow not a real thing. Yet.

Hate your job? Well, you’re not alone. Many, many Americans do, and constantly dream of marching into their boss’ fancy office, knocking over their coffee and telling them “I’m going to start looking at pornography on company time because I’m starting my own company! I quit!” A major stumbling block to that blissful paradise of setting your own hours and the elimination of NSFW warnings is giving your company a name. Enter the Brooklyn Business Name Generator.

Created by Cass Chin, the name generator won’t do any of the other heavy lifting like incorporating or filling out paperwork or whatever it is people do when starting a business. But at least it’ll give you a name and a mission, like the Brooklyn Supply Company (change that one to “Co.” for more old-timey authenticity) or the Brooklyn Spoon Company. And don’t think a good name isn’t extremely important.

Did you know, for instance, than Enron’s original name was Enteron? And that “enteron” is also the name of the digestive tube that runs from the mouth to the butt? They were named that for like a week, and look what happened to them. Well, first they were rich, but now they’re all dead or in jail. So…cautionary tale.

[h/t Free Williamsburg]

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