What does it mean to’ campaign like a Brooklynite?’ Twitter weighs in

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Oh pickle jokes, will you never leave us alone. Via @peterfeld.

The presidential campaign entered its 116th month last night with no end in sight and thanks to any lack of a just and merciful god, the circus of cable news coverage and campaign stops now has New York in its sights. It’s actually refreshing of course that New York gets a say in presidential politics for once — usually the primaries are all wrapped up by time they get here on April 19, and we don’t seem to matter much in the general election because New York City is a pretty small town. But the downside is that we are now going to be caught up in the presidential pandering/gaffe cycle (we already made a list of fake Brooklyn voter tropes national media can feel free to steal).

So yesterday in a truly wtf moment,  Clinton’s chief strategist Joel Benenson told reporters he expects Bernie Sanders “to campaign like a Brooklynite,” while Clinton would “campaign like a senator.” Was Benson being antisemitic toward the Midwood-native Sanders? Anti-pizza? Did he forget Clinton’s campaign HQ is in Brooklyn and that she just appeared alongside the Brooklyn heroes of Broad City? Here are some guesses at what “campaign like a Brooklynite” could mean:

Tone deafness: 

Like one of those Brooklynites you read about in the Times:



Campaigning like the real-world Ray from Girls:

The “old Brooklyn” campaign style:

The earnest guess:

The possible coded language:

Of course, there is one person who “campaigned like a Brooklynite” that Clinton shouldn’t forget about:


Put your guess at what “campaign like a Brooklynite” means in the comments!

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  1. the clintons when backed into a corner use every low down thing they can get their hands on. one is reminded of bill clintons comments about obama in 2008 comparing him to jesse jackson. a brooklynite obviously means a jewish person in this context. they will go there, the people that are so called, fighting for us?!!!

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