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Tunes and dunes: Coney Island’s 24th Annual Sand Sculpture Contest is Saturday

coney island sand sculpture competition
Oh yeah, show off why don’ you? Jerk. via Flickr user Jeffrey Ball

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating summer’s arrival, but believe it or not, it is almost over already! Before you blink and it is too late to really enjoy a beach day, head down this weekend to the 24th Annual Coney Island Sand Sculpting Contest. On Saturday, August 16 at the Coney Island Boardwalk near Wonder Wheel Park there will be food, music, and festivities to accompany the competition.

So you think because your 4 year old nephew was impressed by your drip castle and tunnel that connects underground that you might actually have a shot? Bring it, this isn’t your grandpa’s sand castle contest, this is the real deal boys and girls. Unfortunately adult individual registration online is already sold out, but get there early enough and you might be able to squeeze in. Or look at the bright side, that just saved you from being embarrassed by these guys that apparently have nothing to do all year but play in the sand. It is free to enter, and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners. You could be joining previous winners such as Vincent D’Onofrio of Law & Order fame, who won the “mixed” category with his family in 2012.

Judging begins at 3pm, and the award ceremony is at 4:30pm. Each year a creative array of sculptures are built, with previous winners ranging from a Harry Potter-themed castle to one man’s depiction of domestic violence in the sand. So even if you don’t compete, there will be a gallery of awesome sand sculptures to carefully tip toe around and admire. After the winners are announced the party continues with live music and activities for the kids on the Boardwalk.

The sculpting competition is free to attend, but it’s also raising money to for rebuilding efforts in Coney Island, which is still cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy. Donations are welcome or just come out and enjoy all there is to offer for a good cause, because next thing you know you’re going to be building a snowman instead!

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