Tonight at Videology celebrate great films…shot on cell phones

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Because making movies is cheap and easy anyways, right? Via Disposable Film

Movies are great, but you know what sucks about them? That they pay people to make them! I know, insane. If you want to help keep the money out of movies, then come over to Videology tonight at 8:30 for the Disposable Film Festival, a film fest made entirely from amateur filmmakers in it for nothing but the bragging rights.

The Disposable Film Festival is coming up on its seventh year of movies made by amateurs on everyday technology like cell phones, webcams and camcorders, now, and by this point they have more awesome films than ever, so expect a long night of watching people who might get paid for doing the things they love in other circumstances do them anyways. Not only is the night long, but supposedly the wait to get in is, too. The film festival is a pretty hot ticket, even though there are tickets because again it’s free, so make sure you get there early if you want to grab a seat.

You can check out some of the festival’s recent short films here, and if you really have an awesome time at the picture show, you can get in on the action yourself, as they are currently accepting films for consideration (no, I don’t think Vines count), so send your clips to caitlin [AT] and perhaps get ready for amateur film superstardom.

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