Developer will send you to Amsterdam for buying a Williamsburg condo

You’ll have to travel 3,600 miles to really get it

When we apartment hunt, we try to focus on the bright side, like how signs of puppy-sized rats are better than actual rats. Apparently, though, things are a little different for the other half (of a percent) when it comes to looking for a place to live. A condo in the affordable housing oasis that is Williamsburg is now offering anyone who buys a penthouse, loft, or townhouse a free trip to Amsterdam. Everything’s coming up rich people!

According to Brick Underground, the developers of The Oosten want buyers to appreciate the thought that went into their new home’s design, so they’re sending them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Amsterdam to meet with the building’s architect. If we had a couple days with our landlords, most of our sentences would start with “how dare” and there would be fist shaking like the last two centuries have never seen. Despite our righteous indignation, we do have to admit we are impressed with the developer’s decision to truly embrace the Brooklyn ethos by sending its residents to the place that was Amsterdam before New Amsterdam was even a thing. It’s kind of like when the Williamsburg J. Crew decided to draw upon “that graffiti sensibility” or Williamsburg hotel announced plans for a #realbklyn water tower bar.

Townhouses start at $3 million, so a bit more than the average plane ticket to Amsterdam. Still, when you take Williamsburg inflation into account, this sounds like a pretty standard deal.

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