Williamsburg is finally getting an #AuthenticBklyn water tower bar

We can't wait to climb down that ladder drunk
We can’t wait to climb down that ladder drunk. via Flickr user 4rilla

As patrons of the arts, we were pretty sad when Glasslands closed. Along with the loss of Trash Bar, Death By Audio, and the sweet, sweet Williamsburg White Castle, we feared for the future of the neighborhood. What will be left to distinguish Williamsburg from the Upper East Side, or the cover of a box of Monopoly, for that matter? Don’t you worry, fair Brokelynites. Bedford and Bowery has learned of a new Williamsburg hotel that’s here to ensure you can point right at them when asked #WhereBrooklynAt, since they just got approval for a totally not gimmicky water tower bar.

That’s right, you, too can drink in an iconic water tower, just like Biggie, Barbra Streisand, Dante de Blasio, the cast of Animaniacs, and other beloved Brooklyn and/or water tower denizens have done. The water tower lounge will be just one of the many bars at the 63 North 10th Street hotel, which will be complete later this year. You can also look out for a cellar bar, a 70-person restaurant, and the “opulent ballroom” we’ve all desperately been waiting for.

We weren’t invited to any of the water tower speakeasy parties in Manhattan, so are glad this experience is being brought to the people, even if it’s a much more commercial sanitized version. Speaking of sanitized, we hope this water tower gets a solid power washing to clean up the rampant E. coli and drowned pigeons you’ll find in #realbrooklyn water towers.

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