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D.O.B. deems McKibbin Lofts basements ‘perilous to human life’

mckibbin lofts
They’re just not figuring this out? Photo by Emily Paup

Hey, speaking of totally authentic NYC apartments, what’s up with the McKibbin Lofts lately? Last time we checked in with them, there was a totally authentic dumpster fire in front of the building. Today’s news? The Department of Buildings slapped the basement at 255 McKibbin Street with an order to vacate on Friday, according to a tip sent in to Gothamist, with the order saying that the basement’s conditions were “perilous to human life.” Looks like C.H.U.D.s finally have an opening to get their own slice of gentrification pie.

According to Gothamist, the order was finally given because the conversion of the basement to things like artists studios and dwellings brought things like gas lines, kitchens and bathrooms to places they were never supposed to be. Of course, we remember those basement apartments looking pretty big, so if there’s any population in Brooklyn that would be willing to put up with a lack of “amenities” like bathrooms in oreder to hold on the apartments, we’d guess it would be McKibbin Loft residents.

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