Defy the logic of all sexx laws,14 other weekend ideas

Beck! At Prospect Park! via Facebook
Beck! At Prospect Park! via Facebook

1. Point Break is already a cult movie, so of course it’s also a cult stage show coming to the Bell House. Warning: you WILL get wet (Friday)

2. It’s Shark Week at the Rock Shop! No, not the Discovery Channel thing, they’re a garage band from DC. They should be just as fun as the cable Shark Week though (Friday)

3. It’s time for a mystery screening and mystery drinking game to go along with it at Videology’s “Bartender’s Choice Night“. You trust the bartender, don’t you? (Friday)

4. Greenwood Park is kicking out the kids and turning their big ‘ol yard into a big ‘ol dance party. Gonna be a lot of people making out in the graveyard after this one (Friday)

5. Celebrate the rock that gave Brooklyn and Queens their first borders (seriously) at the Arbitration Rock festival (Saturday)

6. Quit talking about your charming DIY business idea and learn to actually do it with some lessons from Eleanor C. Whitney at the Brooklyn Public Library (Saturday)

7. It’s the last First Saturday of the summer :(, so celebrate like it’s the last First Saturday of your life (Saturday)

8. See how much talent is on Kickstarter at the Kickstarter Film Festival. It’s also a chance to check out Havemeyer Park, if you haven’t been yet (Saturday)

9. Rooftop Films screens Cutie and the Boxer, a classic New York love story of a marriage filled with a bunch of conflict and screaming and tension (Saturday)

10. Celebrate Jamaican Independence Day by dancing to really loud Jamaican music at the Paper Box (Saturday)

11. Or celebrate whatever it is white people celebrate by dancing at indie dance party Mondo at the Cameo Gallery (Saturday)

12. A heaping helping of ice cream vendors are gonna be at the Williamsburg Smorgasburg and Flea all weekend. So will a heaping helping of dentists, but we’re sure that’s totally unrelated (Saturday and Sunday)

13. “Que onda guero?”
“Oh, just on my way to see Beck at Prospect Park
“Got a ticket?”
“Nope, just gonna hang out outside the fence” (Sunday)

14. You’ve got two diamterically opposed outdoor movie options: The teen angst of Pretty in Pink at Habana Outpost (Sunday)

15. Or the gang angst of The Warriors at Canal Bar (Sunday)

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