De Blasio administration to give lady bosses a boost

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You, too, can be a boss-lady among the bosses, bossing it up. Via wikimedia commons

You guys, it’s really happening: the women of New York are moving on up! We’re seeing new opportunities in entertainment, we’ve actually redefined the wage gap, and public transportation is finally on our side. In this Gamergate-fraught era, though, breadwinning isn’t enough to keep up the momentum; what we really need are more female leaders. And we’re so ahead of the game in New York City, we didn’t even have to wait for Hillary to get started: per WNYC, the de Blasio’s administration just launched an initiative to provide business assistance for the city’s underserved women geniuses. Are you a woman? Are you underserved? Do you want to take your winning marinara recipe to grocery store shelves? Well, this is (probably) gonna be a way to make it happen.

De Blasio’s massive city initiative is called Women Entrepreneurs NYC (it ain’t the catchiest title, but at least it’s on-message). WE NYC already has a lot of names behind it: Citi, Goldman Sachs and the Department of Small Business Services and micro-lender Grameen America have all lent their reputations (and moneys) to the cause. Sounds like you can expect a fair bit of financial support for your ideas, in addition to things like seminars and one-on-one consulting.

WE NYC’s site just went live today, so you can get started as soon as you’re done reading this. But if you’re already a success story—like so many trailblazing dames of the borough—you can still support the cause. Fill out the survey with your experiences as a female entrepreneur; it’ll help the city gather data for the program. And based on the fact that deputy mayor Alicia Glen thinks the best way to sell homemade mole is on Etsy, they’re reeaaally gonna need it.

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