MTA rolling out anti-man-spread PSAs next January

Coming soon to the subways: Posters telling you this isn’t cool. via Saving Room for Cats

We’re all angry at the MTA for our looming $116.50 monthly MetroCard that’s coming for us in March next year, but today, we come not to bury the MTA but to praise it. We all complained about man-spread on the subway, and they’ve listened, telling the press that next January they’re rolling out an “awareness campaign” dedicated to telling people not to take up two seats by either spreading out or putting their backpacks on seats. Well, with these PSAs out of the way, Philadelphia once again has nothing to lord over us.

amNewYork reports that MTA officials have heard our complaints and read our snarky blog posts, so starting in January they’re rolling out a campaign dedicated to encouraging people to “sit properly” on the train. The campaign will be made up of posters and possibly in-train announcements, and the old “courtesy is contagious” slogan (we can’t imagine why) in favor of a newer, fresher idea according to an MTA spokesman.

It sounds sounds we’ll get a campaign going for a nice way of telling people “Hey, quit taking up two seats, ya dickhead.” We understand why they can’t roll out posters that say that though, but we’ll hold out hope that our idea for a solemn picture of Derek Jeter and text about how “being a Captain on the subway means sharing space and having #RE2PECT for other commuters” becomes a reality.


  1. The never ending War on Men.
    Can women give it a rest? We have to endure your stinky perfume, figure out if you are pregnant or just really fat (much more likely), and deal with your “moving in” at the check out counter.
    Do you have nothing more important to occupy your empty lives other than how men position their legs on the subway?

  2. Subwayrider

    There is the “woman sit” too, where they decide to cross their legs and have one leg hanging out in the middle of an area people should be able to stand. Purses, yoga mats, bags, bags and more bags. Everyone should do their part to take up less space.

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