Dance party focused on all things ass coming to W’msburg

We hope you’re ready

Ah, the ass. It’s kind of having a moment, whether it’s the “Anaconda” video or the “Booty” video or someone shoving their face in Allison Williams’ butthole or your racist uncle making references to twerking. And hey, why not, asses are great. If you agree (and we don’t see why you wouldn’t), we’ve got great news for you: the same people behind the Robyn dance parties (R.I.P.) are having a dance party celebrating all things ass. Better get your booty in shape quick.

Some of you probably figure that this is the end times, but we welcome a dance party celebrating ass that’s finally happening on a night when Big Freedia isn’t in town. The creatively named Asslands goes down on Friday, January 23 and is being presented as a chance to revel in bass-heavy music that’s all about butts and how happy people are when you shake them.


According to the organizers, that means you can expect music like Beyonce and J. Lo, disco and 2 Live Crew and “that one Fatboy Slim song.” Worried you won’t hear your favorite song about or made for the purpose of shaking asses? Asslands is a democracy, so shoot an email to the organizers at adventuresbk [AT] gmail.com and put in a request. Speak now so you don’t complain and act like a party pooper if you don’t hear the song you want that night. Then go out and find the best ass-focused outfit you can between now and Friday, because this is one party where you don’t want people looking at your face.

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