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Cyclone gets stuck near peak in perfect metaphor for short-circuited spring

the cyclone
Woahhh…hey… via Flickr user Caitlin Slaninka

It’s been a tough road to spring, what with the various starts and stops and false hopes that this time, finally, is the last bit of snow and bundling up for 10 minutes before leaving the house that everyone will have to put up with. Hell, our phone was so beaten down, it displayed the damn snow icon in the weather app this morning. Just in time for our spring that seems stuck in first gear, we got a perfect metaphor for all of it, with the Cyclone’s opening day derailed by the coaster getting stuck near the top on its second run.

The Cyclone’s opening day and our usual celebration of the beginning of warm weather was oddly put to a stop on the coaster’s second run according to Gothamist, with the coaster stopping just short of the peak before the first awesome drop. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and all the riders managed to walk down the tracks to safety, which actually sounds cool in its own way. Luna Park released a statement on the stalled coaster:

Safety is the number one priority for our guests at Luna Park. This was an isolated issue and it is quickly being resolved. The Cyclone will reopen after proper inspection. No one was injured. Those on the ride were safely evacuated according to our safety training procedures and will be able to ride again for free.

Well, there are worse ways to get a free ride on the Cyclone. We could see why you might be fearing that the situation is some kind of weather-prediction shenanigan like Groundhog Day, given that the Cyclone’s opening day, like baseball’s opening day, is one of those events that should be ushering in warm weather and the good times associated with them. We’ll leave the drums of panic behind though, and instead beat on the drums of optimism instead, because we consulted the oracle (the weather app) and this isn’t a dark omen for six more weeks of winter. Why, it’s supposed to be 61 degrees on Friday.

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