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Cumbe is offering discount classes in January as a goodbye present

This could be you! Well, with practice, so get to it. via Facebook

Just as we’re done mourning the places we lost in 2014, it’s time to turn the page and wring whatever enjoyment we can out of the places slated to close in early 2015. Take the Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance, which is being kicked out of its Fort Greene home at the end of January. They might be saying goodbye, but they’re not bitter about it, which they’re proving with discounted classes all month as a gesture of thanks for their community support the last three years.

Just in case you were worried that this past holiday season had turned you into a fat, broke slob, here’s Cumbe coming around with discounts on their hour and a half and two hour dance classes. The discounts aren’t huge, with hour and a half classes coming in at $12 instead of $15 and two hour classes coming in at $15 instead of $18, but keep in mind you could get a beer with that $3 you just saved.

It’s good to move around after this season of sloth, and Cumbe offers classes in all kinds of dance forms you can impress people with next time you go out, like Afro Hatian, Afro-Cuban, dancehall and samba. Plus, once you’ve been to Cumbe and learned to love it, it can be cruelly ripped away from you, which is a good life lesson to learn.

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