Cumbe Center for Dance is being replaced by a luxury high-rise

These little munchkins are almost as cute as a luxury high rise. Almost.
These little munchkins are almost as cute as a luxury high-rise. Almost.

Nothing culturally enriches a neighborhood and fosters community quite like a luxury residential tower. Despite how much we love watching these eyesores architectural feats swallow Downtown Brooklyn, it sucks to learn spots like Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance are getting kicked out to make way for them. The Brooklyn Paper reports Cumbe’s ten-year lease has ben cut short since the building was sold to the developers of a 19-story residential tower.

Cumbe has been in the space at 558 Fulton Street for three years and offers 50 weekly African, West Indian, Latin, and hip-hop dance classes for all ages and skill levels, in addition to percussion workshops. Even if you’ve never visited their dance studio, you may have seen Cumbe performances or taken a class at events around the neighborhood like BAM’s DanceAfrica festival, Celebrate Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Bridge parties, or BRIC Media House’s Fela Kuti Day celebration.

In June Cumbe announced they would have to leave their space by December 10, but they recently said they can stay until January 31 of 2015. Cumbe’s directors say they plan on finding a new space in Downtown Brooklyn, despite how expsneive renting space there has gotten. Moving itself is going to be pricey, so if you want to help out there’s a fundraiser for Cumbe’s move on November 22 which will feature choreography and music from teachers and students. The performances are followed by a dance party, so you’ll certainly be rewarded for your altruism.

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