Crunch says: ‘Work it out’ – with these 4 keys

There’s always an excuse not to work out — obligations and responsibilities often take precedent. And they should.

Unfortunately, these can negatively impact our health, increasing stress levels and reducing our overall well-being.


But what if your workout was an obligation or responsibility?

Crunch wants to help you do that, to help carve out time for you, to feel better, to have some fun. Try these tips:

1. Frame of Mind: Go back to your early childhood and think of the gym as recess from your schedule — the time of day where you can just be. The gym is that adult playground and escape we all need.


2. Consistency: Schedule exercise days the same day and time every week. And add it to your calendar. The alert that pops up will be a great reminder of what you should be doing — especially when you’ve forgotten.

To stay consistent, carve that same time in your routine every day, and on non-gym days go for a walk, do yoga, stretch or meditate.

3. Fun: Your workout should be a reward in itself. Make it the place where you meet your gym buddy, or listen to your favorite music or podcasts. Take a “sweaty selfie” and post to Instagram with your workout routine or playlist — maybe you’ll inspire others.

4. Motivate: Get started now. Crunch can help with a FREE five-day pass plus a personal training session.

Just click here to get going.

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