Craigslist freebie of the day: The last known VCRs in Brooklyn

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VCR nostalgia is a thing, even if some of us consider VCRs to be among the worst technologies ever made obsolete, right up there with pagers and Windows 97. But whatever weird fetish you have for glitchy, jumpy movies — or maybe an art project that involves these things — this Craigslister has three working VCRs and about 30 tapes to give you. Might we suggest an art exhibit called something like “Tracking tracking: The Fuzzy Line of Mortality?”

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  1. There are still countless films on VHS that are not available on any other format. If you care about rare or obscure cinema, a VCR is a must. Most people that still own VCRs don’t just watch Indpendence Day on them.

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