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Craigslist freebie of the day: DIY arcade

Who needs Barcade when you can get your own old-school video game cabinet, plug in your own games and pour yourself a glass of whatever cheap beer you have lying around? From today’s Craigslist, someone in Flatbush is giving away this arcade cabinet that was used as part of an art installation in grad school. It comes with all sorts of electronics specs you can read about below or in the CL post, joystick and even a functional coin slot. Now if this were a working pinball machine, we would just be taking this for ourselves, but maybe you like the beeps and boops more.

The ad says:

This is going out on the curb right now. Come and get it, before it goes to the dump tomorrow AM!
This is a video game cabinet I purchased for an art installation in grad school – it’s huge and I need it out of my apartment.

I believe this cabinet started its life as Tron, but I removed all of the electronics and had a new-ish CRT monitor put in with a VGA connection, and used it with an older mac tower. I believe the monitor only accepts 800×600, so your video card must support that resolution as an external display. I have the controls for it somewhere (joystick/buttons/etc.) and the coin slot works and is in tact.

East 21st St, between Caton Ave. and Woodruff Ave. If you have any questions, shoot me an email. I’ll be here all day.

It’s all wrapped in cellophane and cardboard, has rear wheels and is ready to transport. I even have a packing blanket resting on top for your convenience.

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