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Craigslist freebie of the day: All the knowledge of 1957

Um, where's the search button?

Why would you need a complete set of 50-year-old encyclopedias? Because where else are you going to turn when the sum of all human knowledge GOES DARK AGAIN?! Someone in Park Slope is giving away this 24-volume, excellent condition set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s 1957 edition, with many color plates of maps and illustrations. “A fascinating time capsule, but still has considerable information that remains valid and relevant today,” the owner says. Hey, they make nice apartment decor too, or at least something to prop up your new Amy Grant framed poster.


  1. Matthew Taub

    Found the posting through this site, contacted the owner, and picked up the encyclopedia yesterday. Thanks for bringing it to my attention (and the attention of fellow Brooklynites).

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