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Craft breweries declare WAR back at Budweiser

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. After Budweiser fired an electro-soundtracked shot across the bow of fancy shmancy craft beer drinkers, essentially questioning their manliness, a craft beer trade group has fired back with their own video. Beyond being about how you drink craft beer specifically because you want to taste the thing you’re drinking, it also questions whose version of beer production is actually MOAR MANLY, since craft beer is brewed by hand and not by untrustworthy robots. We’re not sure if this commercial also being soundtracked by a B-side Justice would refuse ownership of is part of the parody or if that’s just what people do nowadays. The ad doesn’t go as far as saying “Budweiser tastes and looks like piss, so enjoy that you fuckers,” but we figure we’re just one or two more commercials away from that.

[h/t GrubStreet]

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