Corn, laughter, barbecue and 10 other things to fill your weekend with

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Promotional poster for Babe 3: Pig on a Platter

1. So you didn’t get a ticket to see Eugene Mirman and Neil deGrasse Tyson talk stars. You can still go hang with them at the free after party. (Friday).

2. Plus, the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival continues all weekend: a show for teens, a talent show, a comedy film fest and the big closing night show. (Saturday, Sunday)

3. It’s only a legitimate extravaganza if there are shadow puppets, so the Prospect Concerts Opening Night Extravaganza passes muster. (Friday)

4. A 150-pound pig isn’t that impressive on its own, but if you add fire to it and you hang around drinking Lagunitas, you’ve suddenly got a good time on your hands. (Saturday)

5. Ever wonder how many dumps a human can fit in their trunk? Find out at this dumpling eating competition. (Saturday)

6. See the secret gardens of Williamsburg. Maybe they have buried treasure in them. (Saturday)

7. Summer is almost over (booooo). Celebrate by hanging out with a bunch of tattooed bikers in Coney Island. (yaaaaayy). (Saturday-Sunday)

8. Get drunk but do it to support the Brooklyn Animal Resources Coalition and not to hide your crippling emotional instability. (Saturday)

9. An all-you-can-eat barbecue for just $7 sounds dangerous in theory. And it IS dangerous in practice, but, you know, YOLO. (Satuday)

10. Ride your bike to check out a touching documentary about some unknown indie band and their struggles to make it big. (Saturday)

11. A corn cookoff? Christ almighty, people will fight about ANYTHING. (Sunday)

12. See a documentary about Bill Plympton, the man who told Disney to go boil their heads. (Sunday)

13. Et cetera 2012 kicks off with Presentation Party Night filling your head with awesome knick-knacks of knowledge. (Sunday)

Listings pulled from our Brokelyn events calendar. Add your event today!

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