Best bets of Et cetera 2012, like college minus huge debt

So you finished college however many years ago and you’ve been done with learning ever since. High five, sports fan! Still, your brain has felt a little flat lately. Well don’t worry because starting Sunday you can find a solution to your problem at Public Assembly when it hosts Et cetera 2012. Not just an informational campaign on how to spell the oft-abbreviated phrase, Et cetera promises a “week-long version of a state-funded liberal arts college” packed into the building’s three rooms, and seems poised to deliver with (mostly free) events running Sunday to Saturday, from bad feminist readings to short lectures on topics like “The French” and the history of beer to a ladies-focused investigative journalism talk. Celebs such as Rachel Dratch, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Ames will be there too.

But with so many lectures, discussion and dance parties to go to, which should you choose? Join us after the jump for our official Brokelyn picks.


Our pickPresentation Party Night. Not only for the free Asahi (though always a plus) but also because one of the sections of this presentation learning series is merely titled, “The French.” Maybe we can finally find out what they think of Jay Sherman. Other topics include “Mystery,” and “How to Design an e-Commerce Website.”

What else is up: EatSleepDraw, the largest user-submitted blog on Tumblr, hosts its free five-year anniversary party (be sure to bring some wood) and Sean McBride and Liz Wendelbo give a lecture on analogue synthesizers, followed by a DJ set from ARP!


Our pick: The Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends Opening Night. Therein lie promises of drink specials, chatting, drinking and dancing. Plus, it’s co-sponsored by the LA Review of Books, so maybe you can fight someone in a Dodgers hat. Everyone else did that in college, right? FREE!

What else is up: Upstairs  in Public Assembly’s PAC Gallery features “Christine,” situational art show exploring the collision of finance and art and how those collisions make art “objects of financial speculation.” FREE!


Our pick: Bad Feminist Readings gets its friends together to read awful advice given to women over the past century. Aside from the fact that it sounds funny, you can make up having taken that feminist theory class in college “just to meet chicks.” You’re more mature now, right? Emily Gould is one of the readers. FREE!

What else is up: The folks at Vol 1. Brooklyn celebrate their third birthday by having their favorite authors and editors tell 3-minute stories about books and promise they’ll be the greatest stories on the subject you’ll ever hear; Meanwhile, Ad Hoc sponsors a discussion by music journalists and bloggers on how to establish your own world-beating blog and the PACS Gallery presents E.E. Ikeler’s abstract art exhibit KISS/KIZZ. Both FREE!


Our pick: Oh sure, as if we would recommend something other than Her Girl Friday‘s panel of investigative journalists talking about their in-depth investigations. Panelists include Dafna Linzer, senior reporter at ProPublica; Habiba Nosheen, multimedia journalist and Columbia Journalism School adjunct professor; Pamela Yates; and documentary filmmaker and Guggenheim fellow. FREE!

What else is up: Glennis McCarthy of The Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy moderates a panel featuring Rachel Dratch and Elna Baker about women in comedy that Adam Corolla and the Ghost of Christopher Hitchens should probably attend, the craphouse experts of I Love Bad Movies and The Flophouse talk about the delightful pull of terrible movies and the PACS Gallery presents “Permanent Collection,” a collection of art that artists own. all FREE!


Our pick: A day packed with events seemingly put together to appeal specifically to me, the winner out of all of these is The Moon‘s A Tribute to Books, which features Jonathan Ames, Chris Gethard and The Onion Writer and voice of Squidbillies’ Dan Halen, Todd Hanson in a variety show that promises to “ride the rainbow of reading.” FREE!

What else is up: Dogfish Head tells the story of how beer made us civilized and presents samples of what the B.C. folks drank that will in no way cause you to act uncivilized, Motherboard shows us our terrifying robot future full of robotsBike Shorts (short films about bikes, not just spandex nailed to the wall) and Artypes turns the upstairs room into an art salon full of portraits. All FREE!


Our pick: The fancy book learnin’ and art is put aside so everyone can get drunk and dance. Both shows will cost you, so why not go see Total Slacker, Indian Jewelry and friends? It’s the one with an open vodka bar for a half hour (surely this won’t encourage SUNY Albany levels of binging) becomes free at midnight and features an after party with a Death Set DJ set. $8.

What else is up: Gang Gang Dance and Sun Araw play the front room ($20), followed by a free after party (after 12) with DJ sets by MNDR and Ghostdad. No, not this one, as far as we know.


The only time we’ll get to run an Andrew McCarthy/Mannequin picture.

Our pick: OK, so the blog about free stuff picking the event you have to pay for is maybe a little contradictory. But still, local author Emma Straub is putting on a variety show with the likes of Stephin Merritt and Andrew McCarthy, AND your $26 ticket includes a copy of her new book. If you’re gonna pay for anything this week, it may as well be a book.

What else is up: Hey Girl (Gamer) gathers female game designers and artists to talk about loosening the patriarchy’s grip on the joystick, Where’s My Robot Girlfriend? ponders more of our terrifying robot future full of robots, 5 Borough Ladies Arm Wrestling has a bar brawl (where you certainly won’t find me in a porkpie hat waving betting slips around, no sir) and Que(e)ry has one last dance party for y’all.

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    I will see you all at Presentation Party Night! If you’ve never been to one, come to this one. It’s the best thing that happens in Brooklyn every month.

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