Pulaski Bridge bike lane might get finished this year

Pulaski Bridge
Maybe this time it’s true? via Flickr user NYC Tom

Way back in 2013, which is really a year that happened we promise, we excitedly shared the news that the Pulaski Bridge was getting its own bike lane. No more sharing a narrow strip of sidewalk with pedestrians when you biked into Long Island City! Since then, it’s become the “Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown” or bike lanes, with a delay pushing it back to 2015 and then another delay announced pushing it back to 2016. So take this with a pre-packaged food helping of salt, but according to Streetsblog, construction on the Pulaski Bridge bike lane will allegedly start this month and could open this year.

The alleged, hopefully good but hey we’ll believe it when we see it news comes from Assemblyman Joe Lentol, who told Streetsblog that the previous drainage issue that was supposed to push the protected bike lane back to 2016 was resolved already. Now, construction on the bike lane should start September 14 and possibly even be done by the end of the year.

While it’s nice to hear that the bike lane isn’t supposed to be delayed again, we definitely won’t believe in the existence of this one until we’re riding over it, happily waving to pedestrians instead of biking behind them very slowly. And if it turns out there are more delays with the construction, you can always get some insight into why that is by consulting our chat with a city contractor for an insight into the reasons jobs don’t get done quickly.

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